Original cast, creatives and crew after the sell-out Guildford premiere of Uked!

Original cast and creatives

Guildford gets Uked!

Original cast, creatives and crew after the sell-out Guildford premiere of Uked!

Creative Team

Writer and Producer: Jane Cafarella

Executive Producer: Rob Williams

Assistant Director: Rebecca Morton

Production Design: Annabel Warmington


Karla: Rebecca Morton

Wade/Maestro and almost everyone else: Peter Gavin

Ruth: Fi Chant

Joel: Tex ‘Turkey’


Musical director: Pete Gavin

Drums and percussion: Tex ‘Turkey’

Bass ukulele: Nicolas Lyon and Sue Robinson

Rhythm ukulele and vocals: Fi Chant

Lead ukulele: James McDonald

Lead ukulele: Rae Moran

Production crew

Stage Manager: Annabel Warmington

Sound: John Lyshon

Sound effects: Dean Richards

Lighting: Jon Robins

FOH Volunteer Co-ordinator: John Kilner

Screen Printing: Big Tree T-Shirts

Social media photography and catering staff: Annie Hardy 

Graphic Design: Smith and Brown Design

Newham close-up photos: Stephen Mitchell

Uked! logo: James Gallagher, Drama Queen graphics

Our show was made possible with the wonderful support of the following people:

Alan Joyce, licensee at the Guildford Family Hotel, for his generous donation of the use of the historic Guildford Music Hall for our show and rehearsals.

The Guildford General Store and the people of Guildford, especially Tex and Fi, for their terrific support and enthusiasm.

Our Uked! Angels, who supported our Australian Cultural Fund campaign: Janet Dimelow, Jane Grafton, Bob Scheer, Bev Tozer, and Ian White.

Greg Cooper at Jacaranda Music in South Australia  – Australian distributor for Kala Brand Music – for the generous donation of two Kala KA-TE satin mahogany tenor ukuleles with electric pick-ups.  

Geraldine Rye and the staff at Castlemaine’s Hot and Crusty Bakery for the delicious pies, sandwiches and slices for our  cast and crew during rehearsals and performances.

Daniel Bice, Manager at Bendigo Pack and Send, for kindly lending us a shirt for Karla.

David Spicer, of David Spicer Productions, for coming down from Sydney to see the show (and singing along) and for licensing the show for others to produce.

The many passionate ukulele groups and members around Victoria and Australia, many of whom travelled a long way to see our show.

And finally, grateful thanks to our enthusiastic and dedicated Volunteer Performers playing the NUTS and GRUBS. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Kitty Skeen, Leonie Blythe, Barry Thompson (all featured on our Home page with Rebecca Morton as our Karla) Jeanette Johnson, Jan Roest, Chris Jameson, Carmen Pace, Margaret Grey, Bev Tozer, Anita Murphy, Annie Wiltshire, Cameron Frost, Roger Pape, Carly Visscher, Mez Lanigan, Gaye Lanigan, Belinda Bone, Sarah Turner, Tracey Thiele, Rebecca McQueen, Jill Clarke, Bill, Gary Lovejoy, Sylvia Phillips, Peter Dwan, Moira Kean, Cilla Brady, Penny Peckham, Ivan Robotham,, Bernadette Ryan, Dawn Bamforth, Annette Onions and Janey Jackson. Special thanks to the wonderful Pete Gavin and Fi Chant, (real-life ukulele teachers), who led them during rehearsals and shows and to Cilla Brady, who kindly provided delicious snacks.

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