Production support

Production support

Never produced a show before? Don’t worry! We’re here to help. We provide unique support for ukulele clubs and community theatre groups who want to put on the show.

All you need is your club members to play all Karla’s YouTube teachers, club leaders and fellow club members the NUTS and GRUBs, three other actors to play Karla, Wade and Maestro, a venue that seats anything from 60-200 people, lighting and sound, props and costumes and an enthusiastic audience. (Costume hire is available for local groups).

If you are an amateur group and not paying your cast, the only cost will be the licensing fee (16 per cent of your Box Office) and production costs (venue hire, props, costumes, set, lighting, sound, publicity and printing).

You can set your ticket price to cover this and a little bit more for profit. You an also order Uked! merchandise at wholesale prices to raise money for your group.

If you are able to run a bar in your venue, this can also help cover costs.

You can change the names of NUTS and GRUBS to suit your location.

For example, they could be the Nowra Ukulele Troup or Geelong Regional Ukulele Band, or the St Louis Ukulele Group (SLUG) or the Twickenham Regional Ukulele Kollective (TRUK) or the just use your own club names.

You can also localise the pub that Karla mentions and replace the reference to the Grumpies Tree of Knowledge with a local landmark. This is your chance to brand the show.

We provide:

• The script, with all the character descriptions and song lyrics. The script is available from David Spicer Productions for perusal and purchase and is the blue-print for the show.

• Uked! PowerPoint to display all the play-along songs for your audience to join in

• Art work and posters for you to customise (just add your venue and dates).

Uked! Song Book, with all the play-along songs and solos.

• All songs are APRA/AMCOS approved. All you need to do is apply to APRA/AMCOS for the licence for your season. This will cost approximately $272 for Australian producers. (Producers from other countries will need to apply to their local music licensing authority).

• Uked! Marketing Kit, with lots of great advice on how to produce and market your show.

Uked! merchandise: badges, stickers, tote bags and stands at wholesale prices for you to sell at your show.

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