singalongs with Pete Gavin as Uncle Scraggy

Projecting the singalongs

The singalong songs provide a unique interactive experience for your audience, allowing them to join in and be part of the show.  Unlike other musicals where the audience are passive recipients, Uked! encourages patrons to sing-along, play-along and bring-along their ukuleles.

Of course, audience members don’t have to play ukulele to enjoy the show. Those playing-along can be seated to the right of the venue, within easy sight of the projected chords and lyrics and chord diagrams on the opposite wall. Those who just want to enjoy the show can be seated on the left.

We supply a PowerPoint of all the chords and lyrics for the sing-along songs so your audience can play and sing along.

This includes information for the audience about when to start and stop playing.

The final slide has the author and song credits. You can include a few extra slides of your own for your cast and crew credits at the end.

Project details