Our Karla eventually does what all uke players do – she joins a club.

This provides a wonderful opportunity for passionate ukulele players of all levels to join Karla on stage.

The first club is the Newstead Ukulele Troupe (NUTS), led by Jeremy and Joel.

The second club is the Guildford Regional Ukulele Band (GRUBS), led by Ruth.

We used four people each night for each group, but you can mix this up, depending on the size of your stage.

Your uke group members can play all the NUTS and GRUBS  – OR you can advertise for other players from around your area to register as Volunteer Performers (VPs) to be in the show playing NUTS and GRUBS each night.

The NUTS and GRUBS are wonderful ambassadors for the show and allow a wide range of ukulele groups and players to be involved.

The NUTS play Cabaret with Spruikin’ Uk-en Luke and Happy Together with Jeremy and Joel and Karla, followed by Love Me Do at the wedding.

The GRUBS play You’re No Good with Ruth and Karla.

Both groups also have a few fun lines.

NUTS and GRUBS should come to at least one rehearsal and should arrive 30 minutes early on the night of their performance for a run through with Ruth (The GRUBS leader)

On the night of their performance, they sit up front in allocated seats, and jump up on stage on cue. The song chords and lyrics are on a music stand on stage, so there is no need to learn the songs in advance.

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